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Taiwans Formosa Plastics faces fines but not plant closure over pollution

April 20/2010

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Formosa Plastics could be forced to pay a fine of up to NT$150 million (US$5 million) for a case of pollution in Kaohsiung County but not closure of its factory, reports said Tuesday. Test results published by the media on March 21 showed the presence near the factory in Jenwu of carcinogenic chemicals such as vinyl-chloride monomers and hydrochlorofluorocarbons at levels exceeding official health limits by up to 300,000 times (read from march 31).


The Environmental Protection Administration was drawing up eight possible scenarios for sanctions against the company which could end with the county government levying a fine of between NT$38 million (US$1.2 million) and NT$150 million, according to the Chinese-language United Evening News.Environmental groups welcomed the plans for a heavy fine, but also demanded the closure of the Jenwu plant. The heavy fines showed the EPAs determination, but since the pollution at the factory was still at a manageable level, there was no need to order its closure at present, EPA Minister Stephen Shen said. Any similar incident in the future would lead to an order to halt work at the Jenwu factory, he added.


Formosa Plastics first knew about the grave pollution of underground water in December 2003, but never told the authorities, according to Shen. The company didnt take action against the problem until the EPA inspected the plant last year and failed to clean up the toxic substances already present in the soil, he said. The size of the fine was based on the cost of the companys negligence and of the actions it had failed to take, Shen said. A commission of experts would still have to draw up an overall plan for neutralizing the impact of the pollution and would base the final size of the fine for Formosa Plastics on the cost of that plan, he said. The longer the company took to solve the problem, the higher the fine would be, according to Shen.


Because experts still had to confirm the precise nature of the pollution, the EPA would not impose the fine directly but ask the Kaohsiung County Government to do so, he added. In the first example of a heavy fine over environmental pollution, the EPA imposed a direct fine of more than NT$100 million on the Kuanyin Industrial Zone in Taoyuan County.

Taiwans Formosa Plastics faces fines but not plant closure over pollution

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