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Borealis PP aids BMWs low weight dashboard innovation

April 23/2010

(Borealis) -- Borealis Nepol GB215HP, a tailor-made long glass fibre polypropylene (LGF-PP), is the material success behind BMWs development of up to 20% lighter, single material dashboard carrier solution for its latest 7 Series models. The lightweight carrier supports BMWs drive to simplify production and lower costs while improving its vehicles fuel efficiency and environmentally-friendly profile.


Nepol GB215HP from Borealis, one of leading providers of chemical and innovative plastic solutions, is the only LGF-PP compatible with BMWs automated integral foam injection technology, known as SGI. SGI enables BMW to produce lightweight parts which exhibit the same performance profile as compact material and heavier parts.


BMWs choice of Borealis 20% LGF-PP grade to replace its previous two-component dashboard construction has secured a number of advantages in addition to weight reduction.

Borealis PP aids BMWs low weight dashboard innovation

MRC Reference

Borealis. The share in the Russian market in 2008:

 polyethylene - 4.1% (including HDPE - 4.7%, LLDPE – 8.7%);
 polypropylene – 3.2% (PP-impact - 7.5%).


Annual sales growth in Russia over the last 5 years:
 polyethylene - 11%;
 polypropylene – 6%.


Leader in polymers processing technologies:
 extrusion coating;
 cable extrusion;
 injection molding.

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