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First PP matching the glossy aesthetics of ABS unveiled

April 13/2009
  Borealis has unveiled the first polypropylene (PP) for the appliance industry that delivers the high gloss benefits of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and meets manufacturers" demands for increased productivity. According to the company, the new Borcom™ BG055AI offers up to a 6% reduction in cycle times, new energy-saving opportunities and performance advantages for aesthetic parts used in dishwashers, washing machines and spin dryers. This grade is said to be first polypropylene (PP) microcomposite to replace ABS in white goods parts such as control panels, front draws and baseboards. The high melt flow rate, low density (0.92 kg/m3) grade, which contains up to a 10% selected micro-scale filler, was developed by Borealis at the international Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria.

  The Borcom BG055AI combines dual benefits of high production efficiency with high gloss aesthetics. Its high fluidity allows faster cycle times at lower injection pressure along with lower energy consumption through the need for less injection pressure during moulding. Machine tonnage can be reduced as a result of the low density/less pressure combination, with both the environment and production-cost benefits from less energy use. In addition to an high gloss appearance of parts made with Borcom BG055AI, the company says that its provides high impact resistance and stiffness that ensures long-term durability with repeated use.


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