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PVC imports to Russia down by 60% in 2017

January 17/2018
MOSCOW (MRC) -- Imports of suspension polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) into Russia totalled about 50,000 tonnes in 2017, whereas the last year"s figure exceeded 124,120 tonnes. The on-going decrease in demand and higher domestic production were the main reason for lower imports, according to MRC"s DataScope report.
December SPVC imports dropped to 3,000 tonnes from 3,300 tonnes a month earlier. A major fall in export prices of acetylene PVC in China was the main reason for the surge in imports in November-December. Thus, overall imports of resin to Russia were about 50,000 tonnes in 2017, compared to 124,200 tonnes a year earlier, with May accounting for the peak shipments, which totalled 11,800 tonnes. Weaker domestic demand and high capacity utilisation of local producers led to a major reduction in dependance on PVC imports. At the same time, Russian producers also significantly increased their exports of resin.

Chinese producers traditionally have been the key foreign PVC suppliers for the past several years. December imports of Chinese acetylene resin dropped slightly to 3,000 tonnes from 3,300 tonnes a month earlier. A major cut in export PVC prices in China was the main reason for the increase in imports for the past two month, a significant fall in imports of acetylene resin is expected in January.  Thus, imports of Chinese resin were 45,800 tonnes last year, compared to 95,800 tonnes a year earlier.

European producers shipped small quantities of suspension, overall imports of European PVC fell to 3,500 tonnes over the stated period from 6,400 tonnes a year earlier.

Author:Margaret Volkova
Tags:Europe, PVC, SPVC, China, Russia.
Category:General News
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