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Lanxess is presenting high-performance ion exchange resins

October 25/2011

(Lanxess) -- Specialty chemicals company Lanxess is presenting high-performance ion exchange resins from its successful Lewatit range together with a complete line of services at Aquatech 2011, taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from November 1 to 4. Another focus of the event is on Lewabrane-brand membrane elements, produced at the new manufacturing facility in Bitterfeld, Germany. The first reverse osmosis membrane elements from Lanxess, they are scheduled for launch on the market in early 2012.

Lewatit is one of the leading brands in the field of ion exchange resins. Reflecting the relevant customer applications, the range of exchange resins, adsorbers and functional polymers is divided into three main segments: water, foodstuffs and catalysis/biotechnology/chemical processes. Lanxess  offers new and established products from the Lewatit range for all these sectors. In combination with Lewabrane membrane elements, they meet the highest demands in the industry.

Ion exchange resins or membranes can be used to desalinate water for chemical processes or power generation. The decision to combine the two methods depends on the respective conditions. While membrane technology is very cost-efficient for water with a high salt content, only ion exchangers can purify water with low salt concentrations to the point where purely trace amounts remain. With both methods connected in series, water of the highest purity can be produced even from very poor-quality water. 

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