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BASF Neopolen E to provide greater safety

October 26/2011

(BASF) -- Thanks to crash mats with a core of Neopolen E providing greater safety on ski slopes and downhill runs, skiers and snowboarders will be sure of a soft landing both on and off the snow this winter season. These mats, which are made by the Austrian sporting goods manufacturer Berger, can be used for example to cushion ski lift uprights, rock walls, and barriers. Berger's crash mats contain a specially-designed Neopolen E hollow chamber system. On impact, the BASF foam provides optimum shock cushioning, thus helping to protect skiers from injury.

Neopolen E is a closed-cell, physically crosslinked polyethylene particle foam (EPE). As a core material for mats, Neopolen E is not only stable but flexible and durable, and it also has an excellent shock-absorbing effect. This means that the material provides outstanding absorption of the energy striking the mat in case of impact. Moreover, it returns to its original shape after the load is released. This allows even repeated loads to be reliably cushioned. Because of the light weight of Neopolen E, these crash mats can be easily transported and set up on ski slopes.

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