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In UK recycling of PVC is continuing to increase

November 08/2011

(PlastEurope) -- PVC recycling in the UK is continuing to increase, with more than 50,000 tonnes of material expected to be recycled by the end of 2011, according to Recovinyl (Brussels / Belgium), the PVC industrys recycling initiative. Jane Gardner, of Axion Consulting (Bramhall, Stockport), Recovinyls UK agent, said the PVC industrys recycling initiative is expected to exceed the 49,343 t of post-consumer PVC recycled last year in the UK through its 26 specialist recyclers.

Speaking at a recent recycling seminar organised by the British Plastics Federation, Gardner said that Recovinyl is now positioned strongly to build on its Vinyl 2010 achievements and co-ordinate delivery of fresh targets up to 2020 under the new Vinyl Plus voluntary commitment.

Recovinyl has gone above and beyond its original recycling targets. These targets include 800,000 t to be re-used in all European countries by 2020 - with 700,000 t mechanically recycled and the remainder through new technologies for more difficult-to-recycle or contaminated PVC.

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