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German Ticona added to its range a new high-tech POM

November 08/2011

(PlastEurope) -- With “Hostaform “XT20”, German plastics producer Ticona has added to its range a new high-tech POM that it says “sets a new scale” for cold impact- and fuel-resistance and extends the polymer’s possibilities into regions previously open only to impact-resistant modified PA 11/12.

The extrudable polymer is designed in particular for pipes and hoses used in such automotive applications as protective sleeves of hand brake cables and elastic shafts of seat adjusters or sun roofs. It is also claimed to hold promise in applications such as fuel lines, pneumatic braking systems, clutches, air-conditioning and power steering.

Ticona says the third-generation Hostaform product exhibits burst strength and impact toughness that meet most of the requirements set for technical pipe applications, including greater low-temperature impact strength and improved chemical resistance as well as low water absorption, excellent mechanical and tribological properties.

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