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PVC-S imports to Russia in October down to 24 thousand tons

November 11/2011

(MRC) -- Import supplies of suspension PVC (PVC-S) in October expectedly reduced to 24 thousand tons. The seasonal factor will keep on influencing reduction of suspension imports to Russia, according to MRC DataScope.

The peak of PVC-S imports has been in August for the second year. September reduction of contract prices by the Russian producers as well as excessive offer of the resin in the market since August resulted in a significant decline of PVC purchases in the external  markets. In September import supplies of the suspension to Russia went down to 38.7 thousand tons. In October the figure reduced to 24 thousand tons.

PVC-S imports to Russia in October down to 24 thousand tons Overall imports of PVC from USA reduced to 9 thousand tons last month. Imports of the acetylene resin from China went down to 1.4 thousand tons. At the same time PVC from Karpatneftechem (Lukoil) is regaining its share in PVS market.

Supplies of the Ukrainian resin in October to Russia made nearly 8.4 thousand tons.

A serious decline of export prices for November supplies from the North American and Chinese producers resulted in growth of PVC purchases from external suppliers. Nevertheless, the Russian companies-importers are still afraid to contract big volumes of the resin. Also an additional limit is the approaching New Year. The companies dont want to have considerable inventories for the next year.

Over the ten months, import supplies of suspension PVC exceeded 416 thousand tons which was 40% more than over the same period last year. As per preliminary estimates, in November overall imports of PVC to the Russian market wont exceed 20 thousand tons.

Perspectives of development of polymer markets, pricing issues and other important aspects will be discussed at The Polymers Summit-2011, which will be held in Moscow on November 30, 2011 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The Summit will be organized by MRC with the support of ICIS. The main idea of the Summit is to find a "the golden mean" between producers and converters. When producers receive exactly such margin of production, which helps them to invest in production expansion in order to substitute polymers imports, and the converters receive such price of feedstock that helps them to compete imported finished products. The Summit site gives an access to the live video of the Summit, speakers" presentations, as well as opportunities to ask questions or make appointments to any Summit partcipant.

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