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BASF presents innovative foam

July 01/2010

(BASF) -- BASF developed E-por, a material which is based on a new formulation and is manufactured in a new production process. E-por is the first tough-elastic, crack-resistant foam which can be transported, stored, processed and recycled like traditional Styropor. It is noted for very good fusion of the surface, excellent resistance to solvents, and an appealing look and feel.


Because of its high crack-resistance it is multishock-safe and therefore well-suited to being used as transport packaging for high-quality, shock-sensitive electrical and electronic (E/E) products, such as plasma televisions, laptops, refrigerators or washing machines.

BASF presents innovative foam

MRC Reference

BASF. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
 PS - 9.1% (GPPS - 5.9%, ABS - 11.4%, EPS - 10.6%).


Annual sales growth in Russia over the 5 years:
 PS - 15%.


Imports by polymers processing technologies:
 injection molding

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