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LyondellBasell opens negotiations about Italian plant sale

July 07/2010

(Polimerica) -- The LyondellBasell polypropylene plant in Terni, in central Italy, was planned to be shutdown on 30 June but after a recent meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development there is hope for the sale of the assets.


Apparently Novamont, a producer of biopolymers in Terni, as well as a group of local entrepreneurs are also interested in the plants in Umbria.In the meeting, LyondellBasell  is to restart the plants Ц should interest be concrete.


A new meeting at the Ministry is planned for Thursday, 8 July to verify the status of negotiations.

LyondellBasell opens negotiations about Italian plant sale

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LyondellBasell.  The share in the Russian market in 2008:
 PE  - 1.4% (including HDPE - 2.5%, LDPE Ц 0.3%);
 PP Ц 4.1% (including block-copolymers - 9.5%).

Annual sales growth in Russia, during the recent 5 years:
 PE - 27%;
 PP Ц 88%.

The leader in the following polymers processing technologies:

 pipe extrusion;

 film extrusion;

 injection molding

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