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Axel introduces process aid for modified polymers

February 03/2012

(axel) -- Axel Plastics Research Laboratories Inc. has a new proprietary process aid for processing polybutylene terephthalate and PBT resin blends. "Axels goal has been to offer a process aid additive that will offer improved flow of PBT and PBT resin blends," notes Axel product manager Nancy Teufel in a news release.

Axel introduces process aid for modified polymers "We now have that with MoldWiz INT-35PHT, which allows more flexibility in the incorporation of filler types and loading levels, as well as an easier cavity fill and release performance for those same resins."

Tests on a polycarbonate/PBT blend show the product can decrease resin viscosity, reduce fluctuations in torque and boost output by as much as 100 percent, the Woodside, N.Y., firm claims. Tests were done at loading levels of 0.3 to 1 percent and showed no sacrifice in physical properties of molded parts.

MoldWiz INT-35PHT, a blend of modified polymers, organic fatty amides and glycerides, is a free-flowing powder or 100 percent active pellet.

Author:Anna Larionova
Category:General News
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