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Dow's polypropylene technology growing rapidly in China

August 30/2010

(plastemart) -- The use of UNIPOL Polypropylene (PP) Technology from Dow Basic Plastics Licensing and Catalysts continues to grow at a rapid pace in China. China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Baotou Coal Chemical Company is the latest company to start up a plant using this technology and is the first in China to manufacture PP made from coal-generated olefins. A leader among Chinese manufacturers pioneering the coal-based production of chemicals and plastics, Shenhua Baotou Coal Chemicals Companys 300,000 tpa Polypropylene facility came online earlier this month in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, The Peoples Republic of China. According to the company, its gasification technology converts coal into a synthesis gas (or syngas); syngas is used to produce methanol, which is transformed into olefins a building block for producing polypropylene.


According to MRC data, Dow's share in the Russian market in 2008 was 2.5% of polyethylene (including LLDPE 33.1%), 0.8% of polypropylene (including  PP-impact - 1.1%) and 2.6% of polystyrene. Annual sales growth in Russia over the course of recent 5 years was 55% of polyethylene, 28% of polypropylene and 2% of polystyrene. Dow imports by pipe extrusionfilm extrusionsheet extrusion and foaming processing technologies.

Dow's polypropylene technology growing rapidly in China












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