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Revolutionary thermoplastic material invented   3  

September 09/2010

(plastemart) -- A proprietary, multi-matrix, thermoplastic material when combined with a variety of core materials produces a fiber-reinforced, thermoplastic structural panel that can be formed, when required, into a wide variety of products has been developed by AeroQuest Technologies. The environmental benefits of this material are that it produces no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) such as are given off in the production of fiberglass products and that it is recyclable, which fiberglass is not.


Its market benefits are that products made of the material are lightweight (40-60% lighter) than products made of competing materials; it is highly impact resistant and durable; it is impervious to water and most chemicals; it has excellent stiffness and tensile strength; it has high vibration and sound dampening properties and it is cost competitive to products made with typical "sheet & post" construction, or in the case of housing, "stud & joist" construction.

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  • Allan Kranser 29.04.2011 18:27:11
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    this is dodo you
  • Politio 29.04.2011 18:30:18
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    i love crap<br />
  • philip raytburg 29.04.2011 18:34:05
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    blow job

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