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LANXESS introduces phthalate-free plasticizer

September 09/2010

LEVERKUSEN (LANXESS) -- Specialty chemicals group LANXESS offers a range of products enabling interested users of phthalate-based additives to switch to alternative safer products.


Phthalate-free Mesamoll TP LXS 51067 is a fast-solvating product for PVC manufacture particularly for the production of floor coverings and wall coatings. This additive will help, among other things, to replace the plasticizers dibutyl phthalate and benzyl butyl phthalate. Both of these are regarded as toxic for reproduction and are subject to considerable limitations on use. "To make Mesamoll TP LXS 51067 a good alternative, we combined our active Mesamoll ingredient alkane sulfonic acid ester of phenol with another plasticizer," says Karsten Job, Director Marketing Polymer Additives in the Functional Chemicals business unit. "This component is also phthalate-free and has even been approved for food contact applications."


Phthalate alternatives are also in demand in the field of PVC bonding agents. To date, isocyanates dissolved in phthalates have frequently been used to ensure optimal bonding of PVC plastisols to technical fabrics made, for example, from polyester fibers. DBP has mostly been used for this. "In the course of discussions on phthalates, we also saw a need for action here," explains Job. "Our new TP LXS 51099 bonding agent uses the same isocyanate that was previously deployed in our tried-and-tested 2001 bonding agent. However, this is dissolved in a phthalate-free plasticizer in our new product. As far as we know, this makes us the only major, globally active supplier to offer phthalate-free bonding agents on a commercial basis."


LANXESS Introduces phthalate-free plasticizer

















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