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Arkema to meet demand for medical Pebax elastomer

May 24/2012

(plasticstoday) -- Arkema feels confident it can continue to meet demands to medical customers "for life-saving applications" of Pebax elastomer although customers in other markets, such as sporting goods and automotive, will need to use "extremely close" alternatives.

A force majeure on Pebax was declared last month due to the explosion March 31 at an Evonik plant that produced cyclododecatriene (CDT), a raw material used to produce lactam 12. The plant was the largest producer of CDT in the world and is expected to be closed until the end of the year. Lactam 12 is the primary monomer used to make nylon 12  and Pebax elastomers.

Pebax, which is a thermoplastic elastomer made up of block copolymers consisting of a sequence of polyamide and polyether segments, is sole-sourced in the manufacturing of balloon catheters used to open blood vessels close to the heart. Many patients require angioplasty to widen a narrowed or obstructed blood vessel within hours or days of first feeling pain or other symptoms of constricted blood flow to the heart. The alternative would be open heart surgery in many cases.
Author:Anna Larionova
Tags:polyether, polyether, car components, automobile chemistry, Arkema, Evonik.
Category:General News
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