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Backdraft extruder improves blown film processing   1  

July 23/2012

(PlasticsEngineering) -- American Kuhne has announced an exciting new extruder technology. The Backdraft extruder is designed with a reverse air cooling system, which is ideal for blown film processing as well as benefitting other plastic processing applications.

The Backdraft extruder design removes heat and air currents from the extrusion area for optimum bubble stability, while simultaneously improving energy efficiency. Individual dampers for each zone provide superior process control and operational simplicity.  When the dampers are closed, they prevent the "chimney effect" present in most air-cooled machines that allows energy losses through convection cooling. The dampers are connected to a common air plenum integrated into the machine base, which is in turn connected to a single exhaust fan, either connected to the base or remote mounted. 

The single central exhaust blower removes the need for more traditional individual blowers on each zone. When a damper opens, air is drawn down through the heater"s cooling fins and through the exhaust system. This reverse cooling arrangement eliminates the need for exhaust hoods, and eliminates any potentially damaging air currents near the bubble area.

American Kuhne, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of standard and customized single screw extruders, feed screws, extrusion systems and specialized turnkey systems for medical applications. They are designed and built in Ashaway, RI. Turnkey pipe, tubing and profile systems are also developed, tested and manufactured within their plant. In addition, the company maintains two medical tubing lab lines capable of multi-lumen and taper tube extrusions available for customer trials in their facility in Ashaway RI and their European facility at Kuhne GmbH in St. Augustin Germany.
Author:Margaret Volkova
Tags:other pipes, film, profiles.
Category:General News
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  • Plasticut Australia 13.02.2016 15:11:20
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    Good read.. Got to know different things and really looking forward to more of such informative stuff..

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