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Toyo Ink brings eco-friendly PS adhesive to US market

August 17/2009

August, 17 ( -- Toyo Ink Mfg. America, a member of the Toyo Ink Group, has launched a line of environmentally friendly pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) under the Oribain brand. The acrylic PSA is designed to achieve maximum performance in peel, tack and shear strength with minimum impact to the environment. It is toluene-free and does not release dioxins or endocrine disrupters into the atmosphere, contributing to safe and healthy work and living environments.

At present, the latest PSA in the Oribain series is widely used by Japanese auto makers for applications ranging from name plate mounting, electrical insulation of wiring to shock absorption and paint masking. Unlike aerosol spray adhesives used to bond fabrics such as leather to exposed plastic areas in automobile interiors, Toyo Ink’s PSAs come in the form of pressure-sensitive tack sheets that are applied as the bonding layer between the fabric and the car body. Relative to the spray coating method, Toyo’s PSAs are removable for self-sticking repositioning, generates less adhesive waste and emits little VOC gases, offering both cost and green advantages.   

As for performance benefits, Toyo’s eco-friendly Oribain PSA delivers high performance for low surface energy films, high yield ratio, good anchorage to many substrates including SUS and HDPE, and stable peel strength even after long aging periods.







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