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New Greenkote anti-corrosion coating facility now serving Italy

June 26/2019

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Greenkote PLC introduced its newest licensee, Elettroplast S.r.l., who will be providing Greenkote coating services and equipment for all of Italy, as per Coatingsworld.
Elettroplast is based in Brescia, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.
Elettroplast has been providing quality surface enhancement for many years, and they are respected by a significant base of customers across Italy, Europe, and around the world," Greenkote CEO Mark Gore said.
Elettroplast's connection with Greenkote began through a project we worked on with Cromatura Cassanese and the University of Brescia, Elettroplast CEO Gian Franco Donina said. As part of that program, funded by the region of Lombardy, we built a coating system specifically to evaluate Greenkote. And when we saw its performance first-hand, we definitely wanted to add Greenkote to our capabilities at Elettroplast.
It is particularly appropriate that a new Greenkote facility should be based in Brescia, added Gianluca Donina, manager of the Greenkote operation at Elettroplast. This area has long been known for its iron, steel and rubber industries; and one special Greenkote advantage is the unique microroughness of its surface, which enhances bonding between metal and rubber parts.
Elettroplast now operates a complete Greenkote coating system, enabling them to provide a range of coating services for customers. The company has already begun accepting orders. In addition to coating services, Elettroplast is also able to supply all the equipment needed by companies who may wish to add Greenkote coating processes within their own facilities.
Greenkote is a proprietary family of high-performance zinc-based anti-corrosion coatings that can be applied to ferrous metals and alloys by a patented thermal diffusion process for a broad range of applications.
Author:Anna Larionova
Category:General News
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