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BASF To Increase Prices for Carbonates

October 16/2009
October, 16 ( -- BASF will increase all list and off list selling prices for Ethylene Carbonate and Propylene Carbonate by $0.04 per pound in North America, effective October 15, 2009, or as contracts permit.

According to the company, the price adjustments are necessary to support BASF`s ongoing efforts to assure the highest levels of product and service quality to its customers in times of increasing raw material costs.

Carbonates are chemical intermediates used in a wide range of applications in the lubricants, foundry, polyurethane and coatings industries.                  

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BASF. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
 PS - 9.1% (GPPS - 5.9%, ABS - 11.4%, EPS - 10.6%).


Annual sales growth in Russia over the 5 years:
 PS - 15%.


Imports by polymers processing technologies:
 injection molding.

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