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BASF plans switch to registered shares

March 18/2010

March 18 (yourpetrochemicalnews) -- BASF SE plans to convert its bearer shares to registered shares. A proposal to this effect will be put to the shareholders at the Annual Meeting of BASF SE on April 29, 2010.  Registered shares offer benefits for shareholders and the company. They facilitate even better and more direct communication with shareholders and meet the wishes of many shareholders for easy registering and issuance of proxies for the Annual Meeting. The conversion will also generate savings, for example through the sending of invitations to the Annual Meeting directly to shareholders.  Unless they object, owners of registered shares will have their name and number of shares entered in the companys share register. 


The conversion will not have any affect on the legal position of shareholders recorded in the share register. Their stake in the company remains unchanged and their rights as shareholders will not be affected. Nor will the switch to registered shares limit or complicate the purchase or sale of BASF shares for shareholders.  If the annual meeting approves the proposal, the conversion of the 918.5 million BASF shares will take place on August 2, 2010.


Shareholders will be informed by their custodian banks about the upcoming conversion of bearer shares and entry in the share register.

BASF plans switch to registered shares

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BASF. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
 PS - 9.1% (GPPS - 5.9%, ABS - 11.4%, EPS - 10.6%).


Annual sales growth in Russia over the 5 years:
 PS - 15%.


Imports by polymers processing technologies:
 injection molding.

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