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Monthly Reports provide detailed information on the market situation: consumption, production, exports, and imports of goods you are interested in. Monthly Reports are essential for petrochemical companies, traders and converters.

Monthly Reports also include:

   Statistics on consumption and production of each polymer
   Statistics on production of a certain polymer / types of a certain polymer by producers
   Statistics on exports / imports of a certain polymer / types of a certain polymer
   Statistics on exports / imports of a certain polymer / types of a certain polymer by countries
   Analysis of logistics at supply of polymers in domestic / foreign markets (general analysis of supplies by countries / ports / border crossing points, types of transport used before the border, inside of the country)
   Analysis of sudden alternations in supply from either one or another supplier / trader of polymers
   General analysis of apparent consumption of a certain polymer

Interpretation of the most important news/experts opinions over the month

Legislation monitoring


 Our Methodology


     Monthly Reports are of particular assistance during acute fluctuations in the market:

   rapid changes in market prices, ,
   force-majeures / unscheduled and scheduled maintenances,

changes in customs duties,

changes in legisltation.

Monthly Reports provide existing balance of demand and supply in the market for you to adjust your sales or purchasing policy: to benefit from purchasing or selling of analyzed goods, to form own stocks of raw materials or finished goods timely.

Detailed pricing analytics is also provided in the weekly Price Reports. The operational statistics of exports and imports - in the DataScope Report. To understand the situation in each sector of processing (including the production, export - import of finished goods), we advise you to use the Annual Reports.

: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PP Homo, PP Impact, PP Random, HIPS, GPPS, ABS, EPS, PVC-S, PVC-E, rigid compounds, soft compounds
caustic soda, additives


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