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ScanPlast - polymer production and consumption

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ScanPlast is a monthly Report that helps you analyze the market by three aspects:
  • Stocks (at stocks of polymers producers, traders and converters).
  • The best logistics terms fixed last month.
  • Converters' margin in each processing sector.

ScanPlast Reports are essential for professional market players; they help predict pressure of surplus/shortage of feedstock on prices, understand converters' profitability, as well as they inform on market players who have the best purchasing terms.

ScanPlast also includes:
  • Forecast of consumption, production, imports, exports, and, finally, stocks for three months ahead.
  • The most popular polymer grade over the current month.

The analysis of stocks from ScanPlast Report is indispensable in the formation of Price Forecast Reports. In addition, ScanPlast is a good supplement to the DataScope Reports.