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Polyethylene in Russia

Pages: 692
Tables: 552
Diagrams: 464
Words: 175 585
Companies mentioned: 1 159
Format: PDF file or color paper version
Publication year: 2010
Language: English, Russian

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This Annual Report presents the in-depth analysis of the polyethylene market in Russia. In this Report we are offering a new format of analytics. The text of the Report contains the most important considerations (bullet points) written by our analysts, while the appendix represents all market statistics that could be generated. The Report describes the key trends in the polyethylene market in the context of technologies, sectors and types of finished goods. Forecast has been made by sectors and processing technologies. A great attention has been paid to analysis of investments into production and polyethylene processing.

The Report includes analysis of consumption, production, exports and imports of PE in Russia by types, processing technologies, consumers, producers and their grades, as well as detailed statistics on operations of all large market players (producers, traders, equipment suppliers and converters) in each processing sector. All data refer to the period of 2000-2009. Furthermore, we present forecast till 2026. We continue to provide sales rating of the top 40 PE producers and top 40 PE grades. The Report includes profiles of top 20 PE suppliers in Russia, as well as the rating of top 50 PE converters.

Our Report will give you answers for the following questions:
  • What is the PE market development forecast till 2026? What are the outlooks for 2010 and 2012?
  • What was the growth of PE processing capacities in each sector? Why, in spite of the 32% decrease in the pipe market, do investments into pipe extrusion continue to grow?
  • How much did each large converter invested into PE processing? What brands of equipment did he buy?
  • In which two sectors do investors expect growth of polyethylene consumption? Why?
  • How can the recovery of Borealiss pre-crisis HDPE sales be explained?
  • Why did we observed rocketing LDPE exports in 2009? What was the producer that radically changed his exports policy? To which country was he exporting?
  • How did polyethylene producers market shares changed in view of Sabics aggressive policy?
  • What new opportunities will Russian producers of stretch films have? Whom of foreign competitors will they be able to press? Why?
  • How can the 51% growth of polyethylene supply in the sector of steel pipe extrusion coating can be explained?
  • How will the situation change after the introduction of the Common Customs Tariff? Why do Russian companies lose more in case of the CCT than foreign players?
  • Who are the leading converters in each PE processing sector? Who are TOP 20 in each sector? Who are TOP 50 in terms of PE processing volumes?
  • Which PE grades are preferred by producers of films, molded goods, pipes, cable, etc.?
  • Which processing sectors will recover quicker after the crisis? Who of converters was less affected by the crisis?
  • How much will it take to recover record investment figures of 2008?
  • How will the decrease in EUR exchange rate affect the Russian polyethylene market?
  • How has the LLDPE market changed after the launch of the production in Nizhnekamsk? What changes are expected in view of the launch of the HDPE production in Salavat?