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Polystyrene and styrene plastics - 2016

Format: PDF
Publication year: 2016
Language: English, Russian

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The report presents a most comprehensive research into the Russian polystyrene and styrene plastics market. It features analytics offered in a new, rearranged presentation format, where the narrative recites important points (bullets) made by our analysts, while the annex presents all the statistical figures for the market one can ever generate. The report reflects key trends in polystyrene and styrene plastics market by technology, sectors and ready products. All forecast are made for sectors and processing technilogies. It gives a great deal of attention to the analysis of investments in polystyrene and styrene plastics production and processing.


The report covers analysis of polystyrene and styrene plastics consumption, production, exports/imports in Russia  by types, processing technologies, consumers, manufacturers and their brands, as well as business statistics of all the major actors in the market (producers, traders, equipment suppliers and converters) in each processing sector. All the data presented covers the period 2007 to 2015. This being our exclusive highlight across CIS, we continue on our practice of giving ratings of sales of top 40 producers of polystyrene and styrene plastics and top 40  PS grades. The report contains profiles of major PS suppliers in Russia, as well as presents a rating of top 50 biggest converters of polystyrene and styrene plastics. The report will also help you to find answers to the following questions:


·    In 2015, the market for polystyrene and styrene plastics shrank by 5% (down to 535 ths tonnes). What are the immediate macroeconomic factors that impacted PS market in 2015, what are the prospects for the industry?

·    Who invested in polystyrene and styrene plastics processing in each processing sector?

·    How much did each of the major Russian converters invest in PS processing? What type equipment did they buy?

·    Which sectors are expected to show PS consumption growth? Why?

·    Why are PS imports to Russia falling?

·    What are the prospects for exports of Russian PS?

·    What will be the market development trend to 2025? Consumption forecast to 2025.

·    What were the end-year results of major XPS market players? How was the construction sector affected by the crisis?

·    Who are TOP-20 converters in each sector? Who is on the list of TOP-50 polystyrene and styrene plastics converters anyway?

·    Which grades are being replaced by Russian producers? Which ones were not affected? What are the prospects for  Russian PS exports?

·    What are the specific PS grades roffered by producers of EPS, XPS etc.?

·    What are PS and styrene plastics production projects announced in Russia to be implemented over the next few years?

·    What are the trends in ABS market? What are the figure of ABS production by the Uzlovaya and Nizhnekamsk plants?