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Polyethylene in Russia

Tables: 502
Diagrams: 408
Companies mentioned: 730
Format: PDF file or color paper version
Publication year: 2011
Language: English, Russian

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Polyethylene in Russia 2011 Annual Report contains detailed market information by each producer, PE type, processing technology and application sectors. There are different market development scenarios in case Russia joins WTO, as well as in view of the last years events. You will also find information on investments and on polyethylene production capacities in each Russian region. The Report also contains data on polyethylene consumption in Russia and outlines the most important market trends.

The reports contain videos where top-managers from the Russian companies comment on the situation in the polymers market.

The Report will give answers to the following questions:
  • How do top-managers from the Russian companies estimate the market? (VIDEO)
  • Why did the market demonstrate record polyethylene sales?
  • Which underwater rocks appeared in estimation of polyethylene consumption in 2010?
  • Polyethylene imports moved at historical maximum in 2010. Which foreign producers managed to increase their presence in the market?
  • How will WTO joining of Russia change the market? What are possible development scenarios of the economy sectors as a consequence of changed import duties on feedstock and finished goods?
  • What is the forecast for polyethylene market development next five years? Which sectors will become drivers in the short-term outlook?
  • Demand for pipe polyethylene exceeded the record volumes of 2008, how can it be explained? Can the growth of pipe production be measured with investments into the pipe extrusion in 2010?
  • How did HDPE market change in view of launched production in Salavat?
  • Which changes in petrochemistry are laid in the state program till 2030?
  • Which sales strategy in 2010 did the market leaders choose Kazanorgsintez, Stavrolen and Nizhnekamskneftehim?
  • What impact will the communal services reform have on the polyethylene market? Did the state support in the communal services reflect on separate polyethylene conversion sectors?
  • Will the Russian producers cope with growing demand for polyethylene? What will be the share of imports in consuming next three years? What is it stipulated with?
  • Overall supplies of HDPE produced by Borealis in 2010 exceeded 90 KT. In which conversion sectors was the highest demand for this material?
  • How did the export politics of the Russian polyethylene producers change in 2010? What is the export potential of polyethylene of domestic production?
  • What impact the ratification of the United Customs Union terms have on the market?
  • How did the capacities of PE conversion increase in 2010? In which sectors was the maximum growth marked?
  • How much did each big Russian converter invest in the equipment? The equipment of which producers did they purchase?
  • Which key events occurred in the market of ethylene and was the problem of monomer deficit solved?
  • What are the explanations of the double growth in the sector of extrusion coating for the second year?
  • What are the tendencies in films market? Are the materials from Nizhnekamskneftehim in the requisition of the Russian producers of stretch-films?
  • Why did Sabic supplies grow more than twice in 2010?
  • Were the 2008 record indices of investments into the conversion recovered?
  • Does the development of the technical parks in Russia have an impact on the polymer sector?
  • How did the imports of finished goods made from polyethylene change in 2010?
  • What innovation projects started in 2010?

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