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Polyethylene in Russia - 2009

Pages: 676
Tables: 502
Diagrams: 408
Words: 164 389
Companies mentioned: 730
Format: PDF
Publication year: 2009
Language: English, Russian

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We are happy to present a new Annual Report, which, as we believe, is unique in the world practice. We spent nearly four years to develop a new format of our Annual Reports. We did our best to cut down the text part of the Report to save your time, and to present the most important considerations (bullets) generated independently by our analysts. We have begun to use hyperlinks that allow you to travel through the Report not being afraid of getting lost somewhere in the great number of data and figures.

The Report includes analysis of consumption, production, exports and imports of PE in Russia by types, processing sectors, producers and their grades, as well as detailed statistics on operations of all large market players (producers, traders, equipment suppliers and converters) in each processing sector. All data refer to the period 2000-2008. Furthermore, we present forecast till 2026. For the first time in the CIS, we provide sales rating of the top 40 PE producers and top 40 PE grades. The Report includes profiles of top 20 PE suppliers in Russia, as well as the rating of top 50 PE converters.

Our Report will give you answers for the following questions:
  • What is the PE market development forecast till 2026? What are the outlooks for 2009 and 2010? What is the best business development scenario over that period?
  • What was the level of investments into PE processing equipment over the last decade? How much each large converter invested into his business? What grades did he buy? Which converter continued to invest in spit of the beginning of the crisis?
  • How many converters will remain by 2013 in Russia? Why? What is the consolidation scenario in each processing sector?
  • What are the volumes of output, imports and exports of finished goods made of PE in each market: films, pipes, injection molding, cable, EBM, etc.?
  • Who are the leading converters in each PE processing sector? Who are TOP 20 in each sector? Who are TOP 50 in terms of PE processing volumes?
  • Which PE grades are preferred by producers of films, molded goods, pipes, cable, etc.?
  • Which processing sectors are more severely affected by the crisis?
  • Which converters were less affected by the crisis?
  • How much time will the industry need to recover record investments into processing observed in 2008?
  • Why Russian PE producers did push up PE exports in the fourth quarter of 2008? What can we expect in the nearest two years?
  • Which producers increased their market shares in either one or another processing sector? Who lost his positions? What shall they expect in the near future?
  • What are the consequences of changes in the mix of PE grades produced in Russia? Which sectors will be most affected by such changes?
  • Which changes are going to happen due to the launch of the 230 KTa HDPE/LLDPE unit in Nizhnekamsk at the beginning of 2009? What is going to happen in the market at the end of 2009 after the launch of a new 120 KTa HDPE unit in Salavat?
  • Which supplier of multi-layer film production equipment was the most successful in 2008 Macchi, Tecno Coating Engineering or Kuhne? Why?
  • What was the reason of peak investments into production of cable insulation made of cross-linked PE in 2008 (over USD 60 mln.)? Who of equipment producers was able to provide the best terms to domestic producers?