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PP-random random polypropylene

PP-random is a statistical copolymer of polypropylene. It has crystalline order. Polypropylene stat-copolymer has good electrical insulation properties (25 35 kV/mm); though, they are worse compared to Homo and, particularly, to block-copolymers but they remain in awider range of temperature. Melting point - 170, maximum operating temperature up to 140.

In terms of mechanical properties stat-copolymer is transitional between Homo and block-copolymers, and it is being characterized by balance between rigidity and impact resistance (tensile yield strength 25-35 MPa, Charpy impact viscosity with notch of some grades exceeds 10 kJ/m2).

For in-depth analysis we seldom refer only to the Foreign Trade Code (Group 3902), but we make our own more precise correlation of PP types by each grade of each producer.

Regular analytics on the PP-random market is available in the following Reports:

Annual Reports Price Reports Monthly Reports ScanPlast DataScope Company Profile Price Forecast
Annual reports on PP-random market Price market reports  PP-random price Monthly market reports  PP-random production Scanplast  PP-random resources DataScope  PP-random export and import statistics Company Profile Price Forecast

General data on statistical copolymer of polypropylene have a three-level structure:

PP-random processing technologies Processing technology PP-random processing sectors Processing sector Finished goods from PP-random Finished goods

Quantitative parameters of our system of information on statistical copolymer of polypropylene: