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GPPS Ц general-purpose polystyrene

GPPS (general-purpose polystyrene) is made by continuous polymerization in bulk (bulk-polymerized polystyrene). The product is made in the form of dyed or undyed stabilized granules with residue monomer content. Suspension polymerization and in-bulk polymerization are the main methods in polystyrene production.

GPPS is a solid, elastic, colorless substance, fragile thermoplastic material with high dielectric properties, chemically resistant to alkalis and acids, apart from nitric acid.

For in-depth analysis we seldom refer only to the Foreign Trade Code (Group 3903), but we make our own more precise correlation of GPPS types by each grade of each producer.

Regular analytics on the GPPS market is available in the following Reports:

Annual Reports Price Reports Monthly Reports ScanPlast DataScope Company Profile Price Forecast
Annual reports on GPPS market Price market reports Ц GPPS price Monthly market reports Ц GPPS production Scanplast Ц GPPS resources DataScope Ц GPPS export and import statistics Company Profile Price Forecast

General data on general-purpose polystyrene have a three-level structure:

GPPS processing technologies Processing technology GPPS processing sectors Processing sector Finished goods from GPPS Finished goods

Quantitative parameters of our system of information on general-purpose polystyrene: