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What we regard as processing technology:

MRC specialists regard technology as the basic polymer processing method that directly affects its consumption volumes. For example, hot-shaping, bags cutting or re-granulation can also be regarded as polymers processing technologies; however, they affect polymers consumption only indirectly; therefore, they were not included into the general production capacities analysis. Conclusions on consumption of, for example, PP used for thermoforming are made on the basis of capacity of the s-called basic PP processing, i.e. on the basis of sheet extrusion technology.
Polymer processing technology
List of all 25 technologies analyzed in our polymer market Reports:
  • foaming
  • extrusion blow molding
  • cable extrusion
  • compounding
  • injection molding
  • fibers/filaments
  • coating
  • extrusion coating
  • sheet extrusion
  • film extrusion
  • pipe extrusion
  • profile extrusion
  • tube extrusion
  • gas processing
  • petrochemistry
  • bags cutting
  • lamination
  • cable sheathing
  • printing
  • braiding
  • re-granulation
  • thermoforming
  • other extrusion
  • roofing materials
  • roto-forming