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Albis Plastic achieved quality requirements in the field of PPS compounds

September 18/2013

MOSCOW (MRC) -- For many years Albis Plastic GmbH, met the highest of quality requirements in the field of linear polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) compounds: the company's own product TEDUR, which stands out thanks to its extremely high mechanical properties, is mainly used in complex applications.

According to the company's press-release, branched PPS compounds are highly suitable for use in the field of standard applications for PPS with glass fibre 40% or glass fibre/mineral 65% by virtue of their better performance.

Albis Plastic has been able to expand its PPS range thanks to the recently concluded distribution partnership with the Japanese TORAY Group, one of the world's leading PPS producers. As of now, their branched PPS compounds TORELINA A504X90 (PPS GF40) and TORELINA A310MX04 (PPS GF/MR65) are part of the ALBIS delivery program.

The cooperation not only covers most of Western Europe, it also services the Balkan countries and growing markets in East Europe including Russia.

Albis Plastic has expanded its PPS product range to meet the steadily rising global demand, which has a current growth rate of almost 8 percent. The automotive and electronics industries in particular have a high demand for
TEDUR and TORELINA. In addition to their resistance to high-temperature and form stability, as well as their excellent resistance to oil and chemicals, theyalso stand out thanks to their high rigidity and hardness properties. TEDUR and TORELINA are also dynamically resilient, absorb little water and, thanks to their slight fluidity and broad processing window, they are easy to use in production processes.

Author:Marina Ivanova
Tags:EPS, GPPS, PSS/E, HIPS, compounding, Albis Plastic, Germany.
Category:General News
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