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BASF light stabilizer prolongs the service life of agriculture films

September 23/2011

(BASF) -- The light stabilizer Tinuvin a XT 200 from BASF prolongs the service life of films in agriculture. A greenhouse offers plants optimal growing conditions: it protects them against wind and weather while still admitting the light they need to grow. With ideal temperatures and targeted watering, plants flourish at a rate that would be unthinkable in an open field. 

Increasingly, conventional glass greenhouses are being replaced by greenhouses consisting of simple frames covered with plastic films and combining lower cost with greater flexibility. 900,000 metric tons of these greenhouse films (usually made from polyethylene) were produced worldwide in 2009. Enough to cover about 800,000 hectares, or roughly the entire surface area of the Greek island of Crete, with greenhouses. To make these films resistant to intense sunlight, light stabilizers Ц of which BASF offers an entire product range under the trade name Tinuvin Ц are added to the material.

The light stabilizers protect the plastic against its worst enemy: weathering from the sun's intense UV radiation and the heat developing at the contact points with the metallic greenhouse frame. In fact, plastic films can become brittle and dull within a few weeks, an effect further intensified by the use of some agrochemicals. Unless, of course, they are protected by light stabilizers.

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