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Russia doubled total production of polypropylene

June 03/2013
MOSCOW (MRC) - After the launch of Tobolsk-Polymer (Sibur group) capacities of Russian production of polypropylene (PP) doubled to 1.36 m tonnes/tonnes. By the end of the year, Russia from a net importer will become a  net exporter of PP, according to MRC ScanPlast.

On 28 May, Tobolsk-Polymer started test production of polypropylene. The new production of polypropylene in Tobolsk has become the seventh in Russia (after Nizhnekamskneftechim, Tomskneftekhim, Stavrolen, Ufaorgsintez, Petrochemicals and Poliom) and the second production launched during the current year (the first was  180,000 tonnes/year Poliom, Titan group, which was launched on 11 February).
Tobolsk-Polymer - is in fact a revolutionary project. Annual production capacity of the two lines by INEOS"s technologies totalled 500,000 tonnes. The factory is located in the industrial zone of Tobolsk. Unlike other Russian productions the plant uses the propylene by dehydrogenation of propane (the technology of UOP (USA).

Test run of the production was carried out on imported propylene, but in the next couple of months, the company plans to launch its own 510,000 tonnes/year dehydrogenation of propane unit.

Until now, Russia has been a net importer of polypropylene. In 2012 the imports of polypropylene and other polymers of propylene totalled about 276,400 tonnes, while exports did not exceed 51,000 tonnes (including delivery to the Customs Union).

After the launch of the two new productions (Poliom and Tobolsk-Polymer) with a total annual capacity of 580,000 tonnes/year, Russia will be a net exporter of polypropylene by the year-end. The exports of polypropylene will increase in proportion of Tobolsk-Polymer"s capacities.
Over the first four months of this year the production of polypropylene  by Russian plants totalled 259,400 tonnes, up 28% compared with the same period a year ago. Over the less than three months Poliom, Omsk produced about 19,500 tonnes of polypropylene.
Author:Anna Larionova
Tags:PP, Poliom, Omsk, Tobolsk-Polimer, Ineos Polyolefins, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Stavrolen.
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