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NTC probing dumping of PVC products

May 15/2014

MOSCOW (MRC) -- The National Tariff Commission (NTC) investigates dumping of PVC Resin by Korean and Taiwanese companies in Pakistan at prices lower than their domestic markets that can potentially hurt the local PVC industry of the country, said Thenews
Huge capacities of PVC production exist in the Far-East Asian countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and China and an investigation is being carried out to check the trend of dumping their products in Pakistan at a price, which is even lower than the domestic price in their respective countries, the sources said.
NTC is investigating this matter on the request of Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd, the largest producer of PVC in the country, they said.
NTC is investigating if significant dumping margins are the underlying reason of a surge in imports of the investigated product, which have taken a substantial share in the domestic market of Pakistan and can potentially cause injury to the domestic industry engaged in the production of PVC Resin, the sources said.
The commission will also review if the performance of the domestic industry engaged in the production of the same products is suffering material injury as a consequence of the imports of the investigated product from the exporting countries, the sources said.

Industry sources demanded the government to take appropriate action against dumped imports of the investigated product from the exporting countries through imposition of antidumping duties, otherwise, the sources said, the domestic industry will continue to suffer material injury on account of the unfair imports of the investigated product and their viability and competitive position will be unfavourably affected in the future, further increasing the dominance of such dumped imports.
Pakistan has a domestic PVC Resin market of around 145,000 metric tons per annum against the domestic production capacity of around 156,000 metric tons per annum. Imports are around five percent of the total market size. The sources said that due to unnecessary imports of the PVC Resin in the country, Pakistan is forced to export surplus quantity, which is an economically inefficient situation.
The authorities in India, which is a net importer of over one million tons of PVC every year, have recently recommended imposing dumping duty on PVC Resin from Taiwan, China, Korea and other countries because these countries were dumping their products in India at the price lower than their domestic price, the sources said, adding that this step was taken primarily to protect the local PVC industry.
Author:Anna Larionova
Tags:PVC, India, Pakistan.
Category:General News
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