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DSM Engineering Plastics to launch 5 new grades of EcoPaXX resin

November 29/2010

(DSM) -- DSM Engineering Plastics has developed 5 new grades of EcoPaXX, especially for injection molding purposes. EcoPaXX is a polyamide (PA) 410, and belongs to the family of the long-chain polyamides. It pairs typical long-chain polyamide properties, such as low moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance, with high melting point  and high crystallization rate.

EcoPaXX new grades are: EcoPaXX Q150-D (unfilled injection molding grade with potential applications in castor wheels, household equipment, etc.); EcoPaXX Q-HG6 and Q-HG10 (glass-reinforced heat-stabilised injection molding grades that can be used for all kind of applications where high stiffness and toughness are needed); EcoPaXX Q-HGM24 (a glass/mineral reinforced injection molding grade, especially suited for the injection molding of large parts) and EcoPaXX Q-KGS6 (a halogen-free flame-retardant glass reinforced compound to be applied at connectors, circuit breakers, switch bodies).

EcoPaXX Q-HG6, Q-HG10 and Q-HGM24 will be available on a commercial scale as of November 2010, while EcoPaXX Q150-D and Q-KGS6 will be available in sample quantities from January 2011.


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