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PP imports to Russia to beat historical record

January 21/2011

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Total imports of polypropylene (PP) to the Russian market in December beat the next historical maximum and exceeded 27 KT, according to MRC analysts.

December became record in relation to imports volumes to the Russian market of PP. Despite the seasonal reduction in demand, the Russian companies imported more than 27 KT of polymer.

PP imports to Russia to beat historical record

The main gain in the volume of external supplies accounted for homopolymer of propylene. As we mentioned, in the last quarter of 2010 the Russian companies activated polymer purchases in Turkmenistan.

At the end of October-December more than 30 KT were contracted for supplies to Russia, at that only last month more than 13 KT of raffia were contracted. PP supplies from Ukraine grew up to 4 KT. In whole, summarizing December, about 17 KT of homopolymer propylene were supplied to the Russian market against seasonal reduction in demand and high sales from the Russian producers.   

Import supplies of copolymer propylene remained in the level of November. At that it should be noticed that about 700 T of blown block copolymer of propylene unexpectedly occurred in the Russian market from North American Pinnacle Polymers.

Summarizing 2010, gain in PP imports to Russia made 200 KT which was about 50% compared to 2009. The most considerable gain in supplies fell at raffia, also the supplies of blown copolymers of propylene grew bigger by half.

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