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Taiwanese photovoltaic companies posted encouraging revenues in March

April 12/2011

(CENS) -- Driven by inventory-restocking orders, two Taiwanese companies in the photovoltaic sector, Gigastorage Corp. and Giga Solar Materials Corp., both posted encouraging revenues in March. Gigastorage, a maker of optical discs and multi-crystalline solar wafers, posted NT$236 million in March sales, up 43% from February, with the growth mainly fueled by raised output of silicon crystal which totaled 30-40% after the new plant was activated.

To expand deployment, the company plans to build over 40 production lines of silicon wafers with output of 300 megawatts of solar cells by the end of this year, aiming to achieve 80% of corporate sales with such business in the year.

Giga Solar, a globally top-three aluminum and silver paste supplier, saw its sales rebound strongly to beat a record high of NT$339 million in March, 27% over a month earlier that is due to customer`s inventory restocking. Unfazed by seasonal factors, the company posted NT$938 million in first quarterly revenue, edging up 1% to hit an all-time high. The supplier remains confident of seeing growing second-quarter revenues despite pessimistic outlook among peers.

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